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Cam Bay

We visited a few new spots on our most recent trip to the BVIs. One we really enjoyed was Cam Bay, which is on the eastern shore of Great Camanoe. Most of our anchorages have us anchoring nose in toward the shore, but Cam Bay was the opposite. There is a large reef along the entrance which protects the bay, thus allowing our bow to face the Atlantic Ocean.


Paddle boarding and snorkeling were on our agenda. We paddled in water so shallow that the skeg of our boards were skimming through the sea grass. We cruised near the mangroves on the shore and snuck up on shallow dwellers.

Snorkeling along the sandy reef made it feel like we were swimming next to a desert mountain – but here there was plenty of life.

Look at all the fish in this picture – perhaps minnows or shad?


This was the first time we encountered a Sharptail Eel and my first reaction was, “SNAKE!” I have learned that these can be up to 3 feet long and I think this one was over 2 feet! Can you find the eel in the picture below?


Search out the yellow spots to help find all twists and turns of his body.

Serenity? Tranquillity? Namaste?

Serenity?  Tranquillity?  Namaste?

Beginning or ending a day with views like these – no wonder so many boats have names like those listed in this title. Can you feel your pulse settle when you look at this picture? I think that anyone who loves water, sailing or fishing owns a soul that thirsts for scenes like this one.

Our next visit to LIB is only days away and it can’t come soon enough. The pace these last few months has been so hectic that even sleep is restless and dreams seem to include “To Do” lists.

I long for the rhythm, sounds and views of this other home.

I hope this photo brought you at least one calming breath.

French Press on LIB

French Press on LIB

So I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband is from New Orleans. Need I say more?

This trip we added a French Press and coffee grinder to the galley and it received quite a work out! Every morning my husband and son refined and reviewed their morning brew.

In fact, the coffee was so delightful, they had to add a cup (or two) to their after dinner routine. As a non-coffee drinker, it appears I missed out on some very fine java; not to mention I couldn’t offer anything to the pre, live or post coffee analysis conversations!

Hmmm, I might have to take up coffee.

Setting Sun in Lee Bay

Setting Sun in Lee Bay

The sun is long past set here on land and I never even glimpsed it’s surrender to the west. Instead I was tucked behind a desk finishing tasks that require attention.

My house is my haven and I appreciate its warmth and protection. I appreciate my sense of belonging, comfort, security and routine here. Yet I love when we are on LIB and so much more in tune with nature and the daily paintings God creates at sunrise and sunset.

I look forward to our next sail and the opportunity to slow down and relish the rhythm of life on the water. I anticipate the internal sigh that whispers through me as I shed the hustle of traffic and schedules.

Helia Meet Up in Ft. Worth!

Helia Meet Up in Ft. Worth!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an official meeting of FP Helia owners, but we did have a chance to meet Amy and David, fellow Texans, who have a Helia on order.

We had a great time discussing all things related to sailing and cruising over burgers and beer at Rodeo Goat in Ft. Worth.

While none of us live aboard right now, we share a passion for sailing and look forward to the day when we can spend more time on our boats. All of us hope, eventually, to spend the majority of our time on board traveling the globe.

You can follow Amy and David’s blog Out Chasing Stars at David and Amy are pretty analytical, so read along and learn as they decide on sails, electronics, power systems and more for Starry Horizons.

Thanks for contacting us David and Amy. We look forward to sharing knowledge and anchorages as we move forward.

An Empty Bitter End

An Empty Bitter End

In October 2013, I took my first “girls” sailing trip on Let It Be. I was the “experienced” sailor on board as I have a few ASA certifications. However, this was the first time I was in charge of LIB, and I was pretty nervous before we set sail. Since my friends have even less experience than I do, we hired a captain to help us settle in. Nice as he was, after one day we sent him on his way so we could “go it alone!”

We chose to sail during the “off season” in the BVIs so we would not have to thread through boats when we anchored or caught mooring balls. I was the only experienced “hooker” on board but I was at the helm, so we were very glad to have plenty of space and time as we learned to work together and secure a mooring ball.

WOW, did we manage to find the off season! As you can see in this picture, we had all of the Bitter End and Saba Rock to ourselves.

This fall I plan on making another girls trip, and the other 5 ladies are itching to sail again. I have informed the crew that this year we are going late in October. I hope that by waiting until the end of the month we will still have plenty of room in anchorages but all the local places will be open.

Thankfully, I have a couple of trips on LIB scheduled between now and October, so I won’t have to miss my little cat too long between visits.

Let It Be/Let Me Be There

Let It Be/Let Me Be There

Looking aft past our stand up paddle boards to the sunset.

It seems like my waking hours are consumed lately with the desire to return to LIB. I have not one complaint about my life, I am blessed far beyond what I deserve, yet I dream of this escape. Is it the Caribbean waters that call? The desire for warmer temperatures? Or is it the relative simplicity of life on a boat that whispers to my spirit?

Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay is the distant point in the far center. A fun place to stop and browse for a bit or anchor overnight.

I took this picture while hiking at The Bitter End. Every time we anchor at Bitter End or Saba Rock I take this hike. Each time I am presented with beautiful and changing views.

Looking Aft

Looking Aft

I know it is important to keep looking forward and not dwell on the past. However, this beautiful sunset reminds me that sometimes looking backwards can offer rewards: a fabulous sunset or wonderful memory. Both are worth recognizing.

Warm Toes

Warm Toes

While Dallas doesn’t suffer long periods of cold, this 35 degree drop into the 30s has me dreaming about that lovely Caribbean sun and lounging on the bridge deck of the Helia.

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