Home Sweet Boat ~ HH55 ~ Ticket To Ride

Our new boat/home is an HH55 Catamaran built in Xiamen, China by Hudson Yacht Group.  Designed by acclaimed marine architects, Morrelli and Melvin, the HH Catamaran combines comfort and performance in a beautifully appointed sailboat.

We chose the aft helm version of the HH55 rather than the indoor helm version because we enjoy being outside on a raised helm while sailing. Our sailing plans are for warm weather destinations so we don’t need the warmth and protection of the indoor helm layout.

Ticket to Ride has three staterooms. The master stateroom occupies one hull and the other hull has two staterooms.

When building TTR, we set her up for the “90% rule,” meaning we set up the boat for the way we live 90% of the time, which is with just Frank and me on board. To this end, we modified the guest side of TTR to have one shower and one head.  The space we saved with this modification is where we put a washer/dryer, an extra freezer and a food pantry.  This modification allowed us to add an additional fuel tank under the floor which can be used for long passages.

We modified the master hull slightly by adding a second sink and opening up the bathroom area but enclosing the head itself.

In addition to being comfortable, the HH55 Catamaran is built to sail! She is constructed of carbon fiber with an aggressive sail plan and the boat often achieves wind speed in light air.  The fastest we have sailed TTR is 24.6 knots when we had professional crew on board during commissioning.  To date Frank and I have had TTR clipping along at more that 15 knots with just the two of us on board.  TTR is equipped with curved dagger boards that allow us to point very well into the wind and significantly reduce leeway.

Our decision to buy a new boat was driven by a desire to be able to sail more often and to complete passages more quickly. Ticket to Ride has accomplished those goals and provided us with a beautiful home.