Transition ~ 2015

Let It Be has been in charter for 2.5 years and during that time we have met goals and made significant life changes.  After 28 years of caring for our community, Frank has sold and retired from his orthodontic practice; and since the practice is sold, Mary Grace has also retired as the office bookkeeper.  In addition, our two sons have graduated from college and are off forging their futures.

Now it is time to simplify our lives, sell our home in Coppell, TX and pursuit new adventures. For us, that means we will take Let It Be out of charter, modify a few things onboard, then make her our home.

Frank is definitely the more experienced sailor and the driver of this adventure.  His vision is one of sailing to explore new places, finding beautiful kite boarding and scuba diving spots, tinkering (read fixing) with the boat and continuing to learn. His trusty bike will be along to make land travel, without owning a car, more convenient.

Mary Grace is picking up sailing skills quickly. While not the originator of this adventure, she is fully on board and looks forward to many of the same activities, with a bit more reading time thrown in.  Admittedly Mary Grace is more reticent about leaving her sons and friends (and tennis racquet) but simplification is very appealing to her.

These last few years, we have gently expanded our sailing experience with the benefit of having our charter company, TMM, to counsel us with decisions or support us in our learning. But there is still much to learn and the learning aspect is part of what draws us to become cruisers.

We look forward to learning more about sailing, weather, navigation, other countries, etc.

As we transition, our blog will also change and become more of a travel journal. We hope you will find it of interest and join us in our adventures.

We would love to hear from you too, as sometimes blogging feels like we are simply throwing words into an unread universe.

Leaving is bittersweet and we hope you will reach out to us as well so we remain in contact across the miles.

P.S. Yes, our trusty dog, Captain, will travel with us!

8 thoughts on “Transition ~ 2015

  1. MG, Frank, and Captain,
    I am just so excited for you in this next chapter. I can not wait to travel along with you via this blog and perhaps sometime soon come visit you in an exotic location! Fare winds and following seas,
    Annie Simpson


    1. Hi Annie!!! Thank you for your well wishes… we would love to have you come visit us! Might take us a little bit to figure things out and know how to coordinate visitors since we are so new in this venture.
      Hope all is well with you. Are you a s/v owner yet? It was sooo fun when you were on LIB with us during the WWS event. Hugs and happiness sent your way.


    1. Hi Colin, we bought ours through our management company (TMM) while in charter. However, you can buy them directly from We still think they are excellent!


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