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Nature All Around

Our most recent trip on Let It Be was one beautiful day after another.  The weather was perfect and I loved the nature we encountered, especially since we were coming from the hot/cold roller coaster that has been Texas weather this winter.  

For plant lovers who think spring will never arrive, here is a picture of the fabulous bougainvillea at The Top of the Baths restaurant:


While walking up to the restaurant, we encountered this cute little fellow.  Who knew lizards came in blue?


While exploring Anegada from the dingy we saw several large stingrays.  Frank dunked the camera under water and managed this rather good shot:


This was not the biggest stingray we saw, but it was a good size! 

The most exciting and unexpected thing we saw this trip was whales!  While anchored at Anegada the winds were very light, so we decided to motor along the north side and fish off the back of LIB.

I was at the helm, and yelled when I saw a WHALE.  My skeptical crew suggested I had seen dolphins, which we have yet to encounter. However, not 5 seconds later we saw the giant, unmistakable tail emerge, then splash into the water.  It was breathtaking to see these giants arc out of the water and disappear into the depths.  Sometimes we would see water from the blow holes, the shiny rounded backs, then a giant tail.  WOW! 

Three different times we saw whales! I tried to get a good shot, but my camera lens was not long enough so I only have this blurry shot as proof:



What a treat!



French Press on LIB

French Press on LIB

So I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband is from New Orleans. Need I say more?

This trip we added a French Press and coffee grinder to the galley and it received quite a work out! Every morning my husband and son refined and reviewed their morning brew.

In fact, the coffee was so delightful, they had to add a cup (or two) to their after dinner routine. As a non-coffee drinker, it appears I missed out on some very fine java; not to mention I couldn’t offer anything to the pre, live or post coffee analysis conversations!

Hmmm, I might have to take up coffee.

Setting Sun in Lee Bay

Setting Sun in Lee Bay

The sun is long past set here on land and I never even glimpsed it’s surrender to the west. Instead I was tucked behind a desk finishing tasks that require attention.

My house is my haven and I appreciate its warmth and protection. I appreciate my sense of belonging, comfort, security and routine here. Yet I love when we are on LIB and so much more in tune with nature and the daily paintings God creates at sunrise and sunset.

I look forward to our next sail and the opportunity to slow down and relish the rhythm of life on the water. I anticipate the internal sigh that whispers through me as I shed the hustle of traffic and schedules.

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