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FaceBook – Learning? Dreaming? Wasting?

I have a love/hate relationship with FaceBook.  It’s pretty interesting to see what long lost friends are doing.  And let’s just admit, it’s interesting to see how well those old boyfriends or girlfriends are holding up. But it’s even more exciting to join groups about new interests, like, say, sailing!  

The problem is, I can spend a LOT of time reading about what is happening on other people’s boats… I can probably even justify that reading about someone else’s overheating engine and how it was fixed is actually “preparing” me for when I live aboard. I can convince myself that all this reading is necessary so I will know what to expect when we go sailing.

But let’s face it, in actuality, I am avoiding the work I need to do now.  What I’m really doing is daydreaming about places like this:


And sails like this:


And evenings that end like this:


Much To Do (and I’ve done) About Nothing

My list of “TO DO” is jammed with one overwhelming task after another.  These are not easily tackled items like ‘laundry’ or ‘gather tax information.’  This list is full of things like ‘sort family photos and have them digitized.’  

These are the types of tasks that I am better at putting off than plowing through!

These items take DAYS to cross of a list; that rewarding little scratch through takes forever!

So instead of setting to work, I find myself looking longingly at pictures of Let It Be like this one:


I find myself mired in daydreams of salty swims, lazy sunsets and night skies strewn with stars.

I think I better reorganize my To Do list into smaller, less overwhelming tasks before I become completely inert!

Spring on Land


I love to watch the trees bud out and the brilliance of the young, green leaves as spring develops in Texas. Each day I notice the buds slowly increase in size, looking to see if each tree is recovering from the winter.


Then suddenly, in a matter of days, the bare branches are sporting lively greenery that project lacy shadows upon the grass. Our open yard is transformed into a secluded retreat.

Spring’s renewal; new plants with vibrant colors, not yet faded by Texas heat…  if/when we do live aboard LIB, I will miss watching this tapestry each spring.

The Cooper Alternative



I hesitate to even post this picture of Let It Be alone in a fabulous little cove just around the corner from The Cooper Island Beach Club.  It is so tempting to keep it a secret and seldom used anchorage.



We arrived in the early afternoon and spent time paddle boarding and relishing the flat water, the beauty and our solitude.

On foot, we explored the saddle of land that protected us from swells but allowed a cooling breeze to meander through the boat. This picture attempts to capture the beauty of the contrasting colors of the blue water, gray rocks and green foliage.


From our vantage point on the rocks, we weren’t able to get a dramatic picture of LIB at sunset….



However, back on LIB, the butterscotch sunset was easier to capture.


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