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Bondi and Don Winstel Come a Callin’


When dreaming of the perfect guests on board, you can’t get much better than Don and Bondi!

Frank and I managed to dock LIB only 3 hours before our guests arrived, which meant that we weren’t quite ready when the taxi man dropped Bondi and Don off.  But that didn’t deter these guys! Bondi immediately helped unload provisions and Don grabbed a brush and started swabbing the decks with Frank.  UNTIL – SCREECH!! Our sound guy, Don, noticed a problem with the speakers and that just couldn’t remain with our pro music man on LIB.

I wish I had a picture of the Winstel’s first hour on LIB; the bags were not even unpacked and Bondi was shuffling groceries in the galley while Don had the tool box out and was attacking the sound system.  HOW can guests get better than that?

Once the provisions were settled and the speakers were properly tuned, we were off to the usual BVI hot spots:


The Baths – a must see.


Bitter End Yacht Club



Toasting the “little boats” at YCCS


Day Dreaming on Anegada


Bondi cracks me up!


Time to dive the Wreck of the Rhone


Shaving is a group activity?


Photo Op as we walk to the Bubbly Pool


Sundowners, of course!

Bondi and Don, we are SO glad you came to share some time in BVI paradise.  Next time we will get our 4 missing musketeers there too!    We missed you Lisa, Dave, Iain and Jean!

LIB Overtaken by Women



TMM Dock


I spent the last 9 days aboard LIB with a few good friends.  Although we received several comments about an “all female” crew, LIB was in excellent hands and we put her through her paces, hitting 9.2 knots a couple of days during our sails.

With so many women on board, the camera was quite busy catching beautiful views:


Walking back from the Bubbly Pool

And silly celebrations:


Three birthdays…we aren’t sharing our ages!

We snorkeled or paddle boarded every day but the afternoons were reserved for relaxing on the trampoline:


Moored at Anegada

We rented scooters from Stephanie on Anegada and created our own tour of the Island. It was lots of fun and I recommend you try it on your next visit.

The sail from Anegada to the Scrub Island Resort was fabulous and actually went much too quickly.  According to the GPS, we travelled about 14nm but since we were hitting 9kn, our sail seemed really short.  Allas, we had to spend extra time at this beautiful resort, swimming in the 2 tiered pool, sliding down the water slide and swimming up to the pool bar:


Scrub Island Resort from our slip

Last year, my crew missed White Bay and the Soggy Dollar, so we knocked that off the bucket list and managed to snag a beautiful photo:


Looking out from White Bay

I guess the BVIs were as sad to see us leave as we were to go because our final day was the only one on which we saw rain while sailing. Here is a picture we took as we sailed back to Road Town on our last afternoon:


Rain over Nanny Cay

It is always great to be home, but I already miss the beauty and pace of the islands, and I know I am not the only person willing to go straight back to Let It Be.

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