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The Hardest Part? STILL Photographs!

There are a lot of decisions to be made when downsizing and putting your house on the market.  Emotions obviously range from excitement to dread; from denial to staunch determination.  And that is only about the “things” and doesn’t touch the emotions involved with family, friends, memories or even familiarity.

For me, the most emotionally and decision intensive part so far is the photographs! Not to mention this is a HUGE time investment for those of us who have lived through the printed picture age.


This is actually a sampling of the photos we have!

I guess I was too busy enjoying and photographing my kids and family to take the time to organize all those photos when they were developed.  As a result, I have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pictures to work through.

First I am sorting the photos by year, and next I am culling the duplicates and triplicates ~ after all, I had two sets of grandparents to send photos!

But culling duplicates isn’t as easy as you may think because some of said photos actually ended up in photo albums! This throws me into the dilemma of, “wait, did I just see that picture or do I remember it from a photo album?” (Which happens to already be in the storage unit.)


This box isn’t ALL discarded photos, but…

When I finally finish sorting and culling duplicates, I plan on having all the remaining paper photos scanned so the colors won’t continue to fade and I will have access to them on my computer.

But alas, scanning is also a process! Recently I had our old videos converted from cassette tapes to flash drives and for the same price I could have bought something pretty awesome for our boat!

So now I am researching my options for scanning services and weighing the cost against heading to the nearest Target or CVS, pulling up a lawn chair and scanning the photos myself.

I have a feeling the cost of professional scanning will seem significantly more reasonable when I calculate how many hours I will have to stand in a local store to scan those photos myself. The price will seem especially reasonable when I consider that the time I spend at a photo kiosk could be spent sorting, donating and selling household goods.

Soooo many times I thought all those friends who spent weekends “scrapbooking” were wasting their time. Well, I guess they are laughing now?

Oh, the fun of downsizing continues!!

If anyone reading this, like me, was too busy (read disorganized) to cull and sort photos along the way, I strongly suggest you tackle your photos WAY before you begin the actual downsizing process!

If you are anything like me, you will need a LOT of time for this process!

“Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Heart” by Confucius

Recently, my siblings and I gathered for the first time in several years. Time apart, I am happy to say, had no effect and we seamlessly united to share love and laughter, dreams and plans.


I learned that none of my siblings share my desire to live on a boat with the wind as their guide. In fact, they mostly think the idea is ridiculous and cannot understand our fascination. So when the time comes, and we set off on LIB, I will carry them in my heart and send my love electronically.


“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”  by Saint Augustine

As for us, we hope LIB becomes the magic carpet that carries us to ports unknown and allows us to sail across many pages.



I Could Use This View Today

Ugh! I have a major computer problem and I can’t access my virtual PC.  I cannot finish my work until this is resolved and I am terrible at fixing computers!  OH how I wish I was sitting on LIB instead of squaring off against my computer….



Postscript: Thank goodness for my son who spent hours working on my Mac and has recovered the data from the virtual PC side.  He has saved me hours of time recreating my work.  Thank you God for giving me kids who save me from myself.  🙂


Scrub Island Resort


Our friends, Mike and Mary Beth, have repeatedly told us they like to take one day and dock at this beautiful resort during their sailing vacations.  But we resisted this idea as we thought the BVIs are beautiful in general and we didn’t need to stop in a resort, incur the marina fees, etc

But, low and behold, here you see Let It Be all tucked in and cozy at the Scrub Island Marina.  See how pretty she looks in this gorgeous setting.

Those who dock at the marina have use of the facilities which include a spa, a deli with a small grocery, a couple of restaurants and a few pools, including this one with a swim up bar!

10492067_719282441461521_6712958082087880621_nUnfortunately, when we were at Scrub Island, a company had leased the WHOLE place and we were not allowed to use that pool.  But there was a smaller pool very close to the ocean and we managed to enjoy it during the afternoon.


After a very relaxed day, we had a casual dinner at the outdoor restaurant. This picture isn’t great, but the view certainly was!


There is a pretty little point just past the resort and at dusk we enjoyed watching the pelicans dive for their dinner.

Scrub Island was a unique stop for us and we are glad we finally followed Mike and Mary Beth’s suggestion.  I’m pretty positive that since our access was limited, I can use that as an excuse to try the resort at least one more time!

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