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Lacking a Majority

Lately I have vacillated about our plan to live on Let It Be.  Why? Perhaps because living on a boat is a fairly unique choice.  Most of the people I know think the idea of leaving a spacious home and community for a gypsy lifestyle on a small boat is ridiculous.


As I struggled with my hesitation, I reflected upon an isolated sunset Frank and I shared on LIB.  We climbed up a steep, rocky shore and looked out at LIB where she sat alone: beautiful and serene with the option to become a sufficient and complete sanctuary. Within her hulls we could create a home in which we can sail to whatever adventures we choose to pursuit.


Mark Twain once said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Certainly the preponderance of our friends are not considering a sailing life.  So if I assume Twain’s attitude, there is no need for me to pause and reflect or to question our plans.  Instead, I should feel free to proceed without hesitation; confident in our minority…




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