Cam Bay

We visited a few new spots on our most recent trip to the BVIs. One we really enjoyed was Cam Bay, which is on the eastern shore of Great Camanoe. Most of our anchorages have us anchoring nose in toward the shore, but Cam Bay was the opposite. There is a large reef along the entrance which protects the bay, thus allowing our bow to face the Atlantic Ocean.


Paddle boarding and snorkeling were on our agenda. We paddled in water so shallow that the skeg of our boards were skimming through the sea grass. We cruised near the mangroves on the shore and snuck up on shallow dwellers.

Snorkeling along the sandy reef made it feel like we were swimming next to a desert mountain – but here there was plenty of life.

Look at all the fish in this picture – perhaps minnows or shad?


This was the first time we encountered a Sharptail Eel and my first reaction was, “SNAKE!” I have learned that these can be up to 3 feet long and I think this one was over 2 feet! Can you find the eel in the picture below?


Search out the yellow spots to help find all twists and turns of his body.

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