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Potter’s By The Sea on Anegada

One of our favorite sails is from Virgin Gorda to Anegada.  We can pretend we are sailing far afield since you can’t see Anegada until you are almost upon it.  Once we dog leg through the reef and into the anchorage, the water is a beautiful turquoise against the shallow, white sand bottom:


A short dingy ride takes us to Potter’s by the Sea where we can get information by day, and lobster by night!


Potter’s is a bit deserted during the daytime, but the view looking out from the dock is quite pretty:P1010140

While we were strolling on the dock, we were lucky enough to strike up a conversation with Sam while he was herding the day’s catch.


Sam gave us a lesson in lobsters and explained the differences between the males and females.  He was quite knowledgable and had a lot of information to share.  But that didn’t prevent him from preparing these snappy friends for dinner:


Nighttime at Potter’s offers a delicious dinner in a crowded atmosphere that is as fun as Potter’s paint is colorful!  The first time we were there, a DJ was spinning music in great variety to please the young and not so young alike.  Sounds alternated between oldies, local sounds and current pop culture.


The Limbo drew much participation and good humored challenges.


We definitely recommend Potter’s by the Sea if you are interested in a high spirited, family atmosphere and, of course, some fabulous BVI lobster.

Practicing for Boat Projects….


I often read about how cramped, crowded, disorganized, messy and frustrating boats get during repairs or projects.  Well apparently we are currently “in training” for project time when we live aboard Let It Be.  We are painting the interior of our home, including the kitchen, study and laundry rooms, which in our house accumulate the most “stuff.”  EVERYTHING had to be removed for the painting process.

Tonight when storing dinner leftovers, Frank was searching for a storage container, “Oh, go grab one off of the couch in the family room,” was my casual response.  So after wheeling  around the laundry bins and stepping across a stack of towels, he located the perfect container nestled in the corner of the couch, right next to the wrapping paper.

Looking at this picture, do you think we have done a good job of “Boat Project Simulation?”  Or do you have suggestions about how to make this a bit more realistic?


This is one time when I look forward to cleaning up and putting things back in order.


“Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Heart” by Confucius

Recently, my siblings and I gathered for the first time in several years. Time apart, I am happy to say, had no effect and we seamlessly united to share love and laughter, dreams and plans.


I learned that none of my siblings share my desire to live on a boat with the wind as their guide. In fact, they mostly think the idea is ridiculous and cannot understand our fascination. So when the time comes, and we set off on LIB, I will carry them in my heart and send my love electronically.


“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”  by Saint Augustine

As for us, we hope LIB becomes the magic carpet that carries us to ports unknown and allows us to sail across many pages.



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