Practicing for Boat Projects….


I often read about how cramped, crowded, disorganized, messy and frustrating boats get during repairs or projects.  Well apparently we are currently “in training” for project time when we live aboard Let It Be.  We are painting the interior of our home, including the kitchen, study and laundry rooms, which in our house accumulate the most “stuff.”  EVERYTHING had to be removed for the painting process.

Tonight when storing dinner leftovers, Frank was searching for a storage container, “Oh, go grab one off of the couch in the family room,” was my casual response.  So after wheeling  around the laundry bins and stepping across a stack of towels, he located the perfect container nestled in the corner of the couch, right next to the wrapping paper.

Looking at this picture, do you think we have done a good job of “Boat Project Simulation?”  Or do you have suggestions about how to make this a bit more realistic?


This is one time when I look forward to cleaning up and putting things back in order.


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