Downsizing ~ The Hardest Part?

Many a blog post has been written about how to downsize your home and prepare to live on a boat.  There are countless ways to go about sorting, selling, donating, trashing, etc the “things” you have accumulated over a lifetime.

However, in my opinion, the single, most time consuming and emotional “THING” is photographs.


I have many friends who sorted, fringed, fabriced and themed their photos into beautiful albums as they raised their children. Me, not so much.

Now I get to pay the price of disorganized photos.  I apologize up front to my kids – I am not suddenly going to become a scrap-booking mamma and I will not have boxes of albums beautifully prepared for each of them.

I’ll cull a few favorites, organize the others by year and allow the kids to determine how many generations of pictures they want to keep.

Personally, I would rather my kids focus forward, remember the past with fondness and retain the lessons we tried to teach.  If some day they want to dig into old photos, I’ll have plenty of boxes in storage!


2 thoughts on “Downsizing ~ The Hardest Part?

  1. I started very early and scanned all the photos. It took quite some time, but I think it was fun! I also made a point to scan some of both my grandmothers’ photos and talk about them, and then I gave copies of the files to family members. It was a nice project!


    1. I have considered having the photos scanned, Amy. For the moment I am arranging them by date, then deciding what to do. As you said, it is very time consuming! I also need to find a place to take old VHS and transfer them to DVDs.


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