A New Downsizing Twist ~ Facebook

Apparently we future cruisers are not the only ones who want to reduce our space.  The recent downsizing craze seems to be tiny homes that look beautifully inviting in photos like these:


My very first thought was, “Wow, that is awesome!”  My second thought was, “Where do they put the mail?”

I know, I am showing my age, right?  Who needs paper mail when we have computers? (That is a whole different topic.)

So, my mail comment tells you that I am not exactly computer savvy. Nor am I a trend setter; so my discovery is probably old news to most of you.  However, today I learned about a whole new side of Facebook…. the garage sale/get rid of your stuff side!

It seems FB can be an outlet for letting go!  Who knew???   Could this be the answer to my downsizing woes?

One of the drawbacks to an actual garage sale for me is watching people cull through my stuff. My emotions swing between being offended that they don’t want my stuff and cringing because I’m selling “junk” that has no value to me.

Well, it turns out my little community has a plethora of selling groups; some quite general and others very specific. Though I have not found one called, “Selling my house to move on a boat.”

Today, this friend told me FB groups have been perfect for her. She posts a picture of something she wants to sell and once she and a buyer agree on a price, she places the item on her front porch. Hours later the item is gone and her payment is in its place!

Roll out the pixie dust, this sounds like magic!  

I have not posted any items for sale on FB yet…. but I’m thinking about putting my little toe in very soon. Because any time I can use pixie dust, I do!


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