Frank Climbs: A LIB Storyboard


One beautiful day LIB sailed to Vieques. Frank and Mary Grace saw many tall trees.


The trees had coconuts.


Frank wanted a coconut, so he decided to climb a tree and get one.


Back on LIB, he cut off the top of the nut.


He hammered in a special spike.


And the coconut delivered nutrient rich water.


Frank was happy!

Disclaimer: Frank wasn’t actually able to climb the coconut tree.

Mary Grace found that beautiful coconut while walking Captain and gave it to Frank as a present.

The End.

I hope this made you smile. Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “Frank Climbs: A LIB Storyboard

  1. Where did you get the spike? We want one! Hoping to head to Vieques in the next year. Looks beautiful.
    Allen & Linda Dobbs
    s/v Big Papa Lulu


    1. Hi Allen & Linda. We are at Palmas del Mar and the awesome manager, Juan, lent us his coconut spike. I understand he had it made. We want one too! If we figure out where to find one we will let you know. Vieques is great. We went to the Bioluminescent Bay there and it was excellent!


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