Aloha Hawaii!

Overcast skies cleared to reveal lush shores

We have safely arrived in Hawaii after an excellent passage from Mexico.

We checked in at Radio Bay where we tied to the sea wall for a couple of days.

We are very glad to be in US waters during this unique time in history and we are really pleased with our passage aboard Ticket to Ride.

The officials were exceedingly nice when we checked in and it was great to catch up to friends who had arrived a day or two before we did. Though seeing friends and remaining distant is a challenge. (But everyone knows that nowadays!)

I hope to catch up the blog over the next few days but for now we moved to the anchorage outside the breakwater of Radio Bay and are enjoying some calm water and the beauty of the scenery.

Many thanks to those who followed our trip across the sea. We appreciated having you looking out for us and I look forward to sharing our experience soon.

The photos below will give you an idea of our stopping point in Radio Bay.

Looking aftnot the best of views.

We choose to focus on this peaceful bay in front of TTR:

A quiet and pretty Radio Bay.

All the best from us on TTR and thank you for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Aloha Hawaii!

    1. Hi Bev. Things are challenging everywhere! We are not going on shore and are staying to ourselves. We have enough provisions to last a month so we hope to avoid interactions for now. Very cool that you are making masks! Stay well.


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