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Helia Meet Up in Ft. Worth!

Helia Meet Up in Ft. Worth!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an official meeting of FP Helia owners, but we did have a chance to meet Amy and David, fellow Texans, who have a Helia on order.

We had a great time discussing all things related to sailing and cruising over burgers and beer at Rodeo Goat in Ft. Worth.

While none of us live aboard right now, we share a passion for sailing and look forward to the day when we can spend more time on our boats. All of us hope, eventually, to spend the majority of our time on board traveling the globe.

You can follow Amy and David’s blog Out Chasing Stars at David and Amy are pretty analytical, so read along and learn as they decide on sails, electronics, power systems and more for Starry Horizons.

Thanks for contacting us David and Amy. We look forward to sharing knowledge and anchorages as we move forward.

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