Helia Meet Up in Ft. Worth!

Helia Meet Up in Ft. Worth!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an official meeting of FP Helia owners, but we did have a chance to meet Amy and David, fellow Texans, who have a Helia on order.

We had a great time discussing all things related to sailing and cruising over burgers and beer at Rodeo Goat in Ft. Worth.

While none of us live aboard right now, we share a passion for sailing and look forward to the day when we can spend more time on our boats. All of us hope, eventually, to spend the majority of our time on board traveling the globe.

You can follow Amy and David’s blog Out Chasing Stars at http://outchasingstars.com/ David and Amy are pretty analytical, so read along and learn as they decide on sails, electronics, power systems and more for Starry Horizons.

Thanks for contacting us David and Amy. We look forward to sharing knowledge and anchorages as we move forward.

5 thoughts on “Helia Meet Up in Ft. Worth!

  1. Got to your blog from OutChasingStars. My wife Linda and I take possession of ‘Big Papa Lulu’ (FP Helia Hull# 89) this February in St. Thomas. She is a Maestro version which will be in charter there until we move aboard her full time in a few years. Would love to compare notes sometime over an adult beverage. My family is in Texas though we live near Annapolis, MD. Love your blog!


    1. Thanks so much for taking time to comment. CONGRATS on your new Helia! I’m so happy for you. Ok and a little envious of the Maestro version. 🙂 We would love to get together whenever you are in this area. I will send you an e-mail message so you can get in touch directly. February probably seems like it will never arrive for you. Looking forward to hearing about Big Papa Lulu – and the reason for the name.


  2. Lets us know if you get another meet up in Fort Worth (we live in Colleyville). We are expecting our new FP-47 in April 2018 and would love to chat with other FP owners.

    Your site has helped us with our “options” list and we appreciate the efforts.

    Julie & John

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    1. Hey John, congratulations on your FP. The 47 looks great!! We don’t have any plans to be back in DFW for quite a while, but keep an eye out for the meet-up that Out Chasing Stars and Cheeky Monkey are planning in Dallas. These are both Helia live-aboard people. If you don’t follow them, try looking for information through this FB page: https://www.facebook.com/outchasingstars/?fref=ts
      David and Amy have A LOT of miles under their keel and I am sure you would enjoy hearing about their experiences.
      I hope we get to meet y’all in the future! Thanks a ton for reading our blog. Please let us know if we can answer any questions or help you in some way.


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