Captain Sails for the First Time


I mentioned our dog, Captain, in my last post. This Christmas was her first visit to Let It Be.

Initially, Cap was not a fan of being underway, especially if engines were involved.  Mostly she hid under the table of the cockpit, closed her eyes and pretended to be somewhere else.

IMG_0089 IMG_0068


However, English Shepherd dogs are very adaptable and like to be involved in the decision making. So pretty soon Captain was up and about, making sure we were heading to a choice mooring ball:



In fact, by the end of her first two weeks of sailing, Captain was living up to her name and taking her turn at the helm:


And like any good captain, she took breaks, but stayed nearby in case we needed her help when she wasn’t at the helm:



I won’t be at all surprised if some day I find Cap has managed to make her own posts on this blog!


2 thoughts on “Captain Sails for the First Time

  1. She’s beautiful!! We’ve met some amazing sailing dogs over the past few years – an Argentinian dog in southwest Ireland, a British dog that had sailed across the Atlantic and back. I like big dogs, but I don’t think we’ve quite got the room aboard Carina.

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  2. Well, you have two little loves to keep you busy, where my babies are all grown up now. I was thrilled with how well Captain did on this trip. Such a relief because I sure don’t want to leave her behind! Captain can be a bit of a handful but we met SO many people because they all want to say hello to our dog.


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