Preparing to Cruise = Sort + Shred + Donate + Repeat

I know this looks like a mess, but honestly,these are organized piles! The largest group, front and center of this picture, is paperwork that needs to go.

Thank goodness for shredding services! Between business and home, we have a bit of shredding going on. I am saying a prayer of thanks that I don’t have to shred 800 pound of paper 10 pages at a time!
When sorting through papers I was struck by how much change has occurred and so gradually that we don’t notice. The best example I have is the bank statements. As recently as early 2000s, every bank statement was mailed (yes, snail mail) to us and every statement had the complete social security number on the front page!
Identity theft was relatively new and rare. Today, protecting people from identity theft is a huge business covering a gamut of services.
But that is a subject I don’t have time to dwell on. I am off to attack the Christmas decorations. Won’t my college age sons be thrilled when I gift them their own Christmas bins?

4 thoughts on “Preparing to Cruise = Sort + Shred + Donate + Repeat

  1. Thanks Viki. It is a mission, a process, a roller coaster! It also makes me aware of how much we waste. We accumulate so much stuff! My new goal is to donate sooner rather than later so things I no longer need can be used, enjoyed or of service.


  2. Oh and it never ends. Julian and the girls are away for a few weeks and in their absence I am giving Carina a thorough spring cleaning. On Saturday alone I filled five bags – mostly for recycling – of clothes the girls have outgrown, toys they are no longer interested in, a lot of paper, a few foods long long past their use-by dates, etc. Next weekend I’m tackling the cabin Julian and I sleep in. It’s incredible how much stuff we have amassed in less than a year aboard this little space!!


  3. Really? I thought we would be better about not keeping excess when in a smaller space! Hmmm. I think I’m going to hold on to this delusion until I have to let it go. 😉
    Good for you for attacking before it gets totally out of hand.


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