Norman Island

I’ve been a little slow about posting as I’ve been focusing on whittling away our possessions. But my thoughts keep returning to our last visit to the BVIs….

We have enjoyed Norman many times usually snorkeling the caves, paddle boarding, etc.  But this trip we decided to have a leisurely lunch at Pirates.  Of course, the view was fabulous and we lingered over the food and simply soaked up the beauty.


After consuming a few extra calories and generally sitting about like bar lizards, we decided to explore Norman by foot.

As usual in the BVI, the road led upwards, but the rewards were immediate.  Here is an early view as we ascended the island.


Of course, Cappy was with us and enjoyed walking the trails.  She was disappointed that no goats were found, but I was quite happy about it!



Looking south from the top of Norman is a breathtaking view… but it is also a sobering one when you contemplate the vastness of the ocean and the power of the sea.


Somehow we managed to loose the well worn track and ended up making our own route down a steep slope. The slow decent through this unusual, long grass afforded us a different view of The Bight.


I especially love the texture in this picture; I can feel the sway of the grass, see the ripples of the wind across the water and observe the lengthening shadows as the sun fades in it’s evening decent…

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