Trashy Tuesday

Okay, so Tuesdays aren’t really trashy, but I did warn you that I might revisit the whole trash and litter topic.

Today I thought I would share our plan to reduce paper on LIB and add a little touch of class and beauty by using cloth napkins.


Okay, so we will not be this fancy!

We are on the lookout for cloth napkins that are pretty and easy to wash.  This will eliminate the need for paper napkins and reduce our use of paper towels.  Plus, cloth napkins are a little heavier and less likely to blow into the ocean.

images              images-1

Cloth napkins can be used as an expression of the season or add a jaunty spark of color to the table.

For anyone who thinks reusing cloth napkins is a way to share germs between washings, we plan on using different designs or colors so we will know which napkin belongs to whom.



Who knows, maybe napkin folding will become a hobby.

Do you use cloth napkins? If so we would love to know your favorite brand or fabric assuming they are easy to wash and quick to dry.

Any chance you might begin using cloth instead of paper?

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