A Peak at Karnaval on Bonaire

Today our friend, Al, flew back to the U.S. at the crack of dawn.  Frank and I spent the day catching up on e-mails and doing a little clean up. Until about 3 pm when I decided we had to get off the boat and see if the Bonaire Karnaval Parade was similar to the Christmas Parade.

NO SIR is the answer! The parade today lasted over an hour; although I admit this had much to do with the pace of the parade rather than the number of floats! Still, we had a great time watching the parade and the participants had an even better time than we did!!!

Here are a few pictures from today.

Let me begin by saying the children are my favorite part:

IMG_4663 2

Little dude backing up on his motorcycle before the parade!


The anticipation!!!


A darling girl… and I love the t-shirt!


A handsome little doll representing “Peru on Bonaire.”

I was completely uninformed about the Karnaval of Bonaire so I don’t know what the actual theme of the parade was, but we sure enjoyed watching it.


Butterflies started the parade.


Costumes were elaborate.


Music and dancing down the street.


Headdresses are all the rage this year.


Miss Plus Size Top Model was the Queen of Karnaval – I think.


A fighting machine – but that drink doesn’t look like it has raw eggs in it.

One float had the whole Rocky Balboa thing going on including a fighting rink and the music from the movie.  The participants enjoyed rocking out to The Eye of the Tiger.


Well hydrated parade participants!

I’m happy to see that the paraders were very conscientious about hydration. Nearly every adult we saw had one or two drinks in hand to relieve thirst. In fact, some of the floats appeared to be more like mobile wet bars than actual floats.

So tomorrow is a holiday on Bonaire and I believe many of the parade participants will appreciate not having to be up early for work.  And based on the amount of traffic, music and activity on shore tonight, I don’t think the celebrations will end anytime soon.

How are you spending the next few days leading up to Lent? Is there a parade or pre-lent celebration in your near future?

Thanks for stopping by to read our blog. As always, feel free to leave any comments or stop by our FB page to hear from us more often.




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