Relishing Life Aboard LIB

This week we absolutely relished our time on LIB, especially as we received texts and photos from friends suffering the cold and snow back in Texas.

As if avoiding the snow and ice weren’t enough cause to appreciate life aboard in the Caribbean, we had the pleasure of three fabulous guests:

Deb, Teressa and Robby were great fun and they were game for any activity thrown their way!  

Paddle boarding….Scootering

Or lounging on the front deckThis group was up for it all!  And considering the wind and waves thrashing through the BVIs this week, it’s a good thing!

                                                 Cheers to a solid crew!

At the start of the week we had greenhorns aboard, but by week’s end they were a solid crew. Thanks for spending time with us on LIB y’all.

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