Durango Was One Adventure After Another…

We have reluctantly left the beautiful state of Colorado and returned to Texas.  Don’t get me wrong, we love Texas and it is a fabulous place to live, but Durango in the summer is heavenly!

The whole time we were in Durango, we were amazed that summer could be such a mild event.  We had forgotten that there are places where the weather is cool enough to spend the whole day outside.  In fact, I would guess that 90 percent of the time we were in Durango, we ate our lunchtime meal outside, without air conditioning or misters and without sweating! That was pretty great.

Since the weather was so mild, we also found we could hike or bike any time of the day. No need to set an alarm and get our exercise in before 8 am to avoid the heat!

While in Colorado our list of activities included biking, hiking, kayaking on the Animas River, 4-wheeling, horse back riding, tennis, white water rafting, visiting ancient cliff dwellings, catching up with friends who left Coppell years ago (shout out to Gail and Scott!) and fly fishing. As if that wasn’t enough, our sons joined us for 10 fabulous days! Guess you can tell we had a blast.

I have already shared some pictures, but here are a few more photos…


Dry and dusty at Phil’s World


Streams are found on so many trails.


Suited up for white water rafting on the Royal Gorge.


Yes, that path on the right is the bike trail…. beautiful!


The wild flowers were stunning especially with the mountains in the background!


MG and friends went 4-wheeling up to the continental divide.


Frank’s daily transportation.


Nothing proves it was a fun trail like a bike full of mud!


The crew is a bit cleaner at the beginning of a ride.


Thanks Durango, for an awesome visit. Walking or riding our bikes almost everywhere we wanted to go was so fun and we simply loved spending August in temperatures that never surpassed 90 degrees!

Let It Be, we have not forgotten you…Frank will be there in a matter of days!

T minus less than 30 days for Mary Grace….

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