Really? THAT Triggered a Spasm of Panic?

The countdown has really begun. In the next 30 days I will attempt to shut down our house and move to a boat.  Mental lists are being converted to paper (okay computer) so nothing is forgotten.

Many decisions have simply been a matter of research, like determining how to move our physical property to the boat:  compare companies, costs and timing, then choose a reputable company.  Determining what to bring and estimating how large a palate we need is more of a challenge, but it is do-able.

The odd thing is the little items that pop up and cause emotional upheaval. Some item or service that I take for granted in my house that will soon be lost.

The perfect example?   Internet.

Internet???  Yep.

Is it just me or does anyone else get blindsided by an unexpected emotional response?

Today on a little square of my calendar I wrote “terminate internet service” and suddenly my stomach clenched and my heart stuttered.


Sitting in my house I have uninterrupted access to excellent, high speed internet. My computer automatically connects, the lights are on and I have information and communication at my fingertips – without thought, without fail.

Or I grab my trusty Iphone and everyone I care about is a few buttons away.

Thirty-one days from now that will no longer be the case! Internet and phone communication will become a variable instead of a given.

Now that proximity to my family and friends is being lost, I feel myself clinging to communication as though it were the oxygen I need to breathe.

People think the idea of living on a boat is a bit scary, what with hurricanes, storms, sharks, etc.  I won’t say I don’t think of those things, but right this minute, as I plan my disconnect from home, communication seems to be the lifeline I am most afraid of loosing.

Surely someone understands my slight panic?  Am I alone in this fear or have you suffered this somewhat illogical fear?

How did our forefathers leave home and country without knowing how they would remain in contact with family?

Thank God it is 2015 or I would never be able to sever the cord!

2 thoughts on “Really? THAT Triggered a Spasm of Panic?

  1. I hear ya!! I didn’t know how I was going to live without high speed internet, smart phone, etc! But it’s amazing how quickly we adjusted. These days we own one laptop and one old fashioned mobile phone. Sporadic internet access is the new normal, seeking out libraries and cafes for free Wifi, and recharging the laptop off the solar panel. I write blogs and emails as Word documents and then when I get an hour of Wifi I hastily schedule six blogs and send those emails and download my favourite radio podcasts. It works. It’s just takes getting used to a different way of engaging with to the Internet. Sadly I don’t always have time to read my favourite blogs!


    1. Oh I hope I adjust quickly! Glad to know you make it work and are not suffering with less connection. I am not very savvy with writing off-line blogs and scheduling posts…. guess that is yet another something I will learn. You use Word – I am on a Mac… will have to find a program to use.


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