Grr and Growl… I Miss My Swims!


Hey y’all, it’s me, Captain.  MG said I could have the computer today since I have been a really good dog. Plus, everyone was really complimentary about my first sneaky blog, so I didn’t even get in trouble. (Big tail wag for that!)

Boy has it been hot and boring here in this marina. I don’t really understand why we are staying in one place for such a long time and I’m a little tired of it. But I keep my tail up and make the best of it.

With so much down time here, I have plenty of time sleep and think about the fun stuff we have been doing since moving onto Let It Be.  I really like boat life these days because I spend so much time with my humans.  I mean, they are with me so much more than when we lived in a house. So I guess if I had to choose between land life or boat life, I’m fine with giving up squirrel chasing on land and spending more time with “mom and dad” on the boat.

Probably my favorite time so far was when Hunter and Clayton came to stay on LIB with us. I know I mentioned it before but everybody was so glad to be together and we had such a great time that it is still my favorite time.


I went to shore for walks with the boys and made sure they knew the way back to LIB.


I also kept Clayton company when he was reading. I’m pretty certain that having me with him made the reading a lot more fun.


Hunter understands that I get really hot with my life vest on, so sometimes he would take it off and just hold me. Gosh I love those extra scratches!

I will admit, I was a little tired on the days Hunter and Clayton flew those kite things and skimmed across the water.  I ran from one side of the boat to the other, barking warnings at them but they didn’t listen at all. I was so tired when they finished, I just plopped down on the front of the boat and went to sleep.


I really love sleeping on the trampoline where the wind can cool me from underneath and on top! The wind just tickles through my fur and it is delightful!

Hey, I’ve learned a new job here on LIB. I don’t really understand why, but MG and Frank get all excited when they see these dolphin things in the water.  Every time they come to swim, my humans go to the front of the boat and watch those dolphins swim and jump. (Hello, I can swim and jump too!)   For some reason, Frank and MG always laugh and feel happy when they see those dolphins, so now I keep my nose and eyes on alert for them.


These days, I am always the first one to spot dolphins and I sound the alarm if they are coming.  It took a few times for my people to learn why I was barking in the middle of the ocean, but now they know that if I bark “at nothing” to keep an eye out because probably there are dolphins…. It’s nice to have trainable humans!


I just love running as fast as I can on the beaches. I pound across the beach, then I splash right into the water and cool off.  The water in the Caribbean was so pretty and cool.  But it’s also weird  because it tastes terrible!! I can’t figure out why and I keep tasting it when we swim. But nope, it always tastes salty!  Blah!

When I don’t feel like swimming but it is hot, I dig in the sand and find the cool parts down deep.  I just love to roll around and scratch in the sand.  It’s all wet and cool and sticks to me everywhere.


This is my sandy raccoon look!

I love that sandy feeling but Frank usually sloshes me around in the water before we go back to the boat. What a waste! If he would just let me bring the sand back in my fur, I’m pretty sure the boat would be a big sandbox by now.


When we first moved to the boat, mom decided to shave my belly hair because she thought it would cut down on the hair in the boat.  Oooh boy, that thing tickled my tummy.  You can see in this picture that it kind of made me laugh.  I liked it and I really liked all the attention. But there was just as much hair as ever, so we gave up on that.


Phew, this picture really makes me miss the water.

When we were in the Bahamas, there were a lot of nice shallow places.  Sometimes we would go for a dinghy ride, then just stop in the middle of the water, not even on the land! Dad would drop the anchor and we would just walk around in the clear water.  That was really fun.  I could see fish swimming, but they always stayed away from me. It’s hard to run in that water! Look how pretty it is! 

Not all of our trips to land are fabulous.  Sometimes we get caught in a sudden rain storm. One afternoon, Frank and I had gone out for a nice paddle. It was cloudy which was kind of nice because it was like shady everywhere.  Well, I guess we got a little too involved in exploring the island because the rain started gushing down.  I hid in the trees, but dad was kind of stuck on the beach in the rain; so mom came and rescued us in the dinghy.


One of MG’s friends took this picture of us.

Nobody got hurt and we laughed on the way back to LIB.  I was really glad we didn’t have to paddle back in all that rain.

One thing humans are always asking about is where I go to the bathroom. I totally don’t understand why people care because when we go for a walk, the humans never inspect any tinkle or poop spots! So why do they care? I mean really, who cares where you “go” it’s what you learn from smelling it!!!


But, just to answer your question, here is a picture of the “grass” MG got for me to use on the boat. For the record, this does not fool me one little bit and I do not like it. But if we go on long sails, I will use it when necessary.  BUT only if we are on long sails. Otherwise, I still wait for Frank or MG to take me to shore so I can sniff and tinkle and poop like a proper land dog!

So there you have it, these are the things I dream about while staying at this marina. As much as I enjoy having land right here and plenty of sniffs everyday, I think the Islands are now in my blood because I miss the beaches.


Guess I’ll just take a nap and dream about where we will go next.

Tail wags and doggie kisses to anyone who reads this. Be sure to stop by Let It Be and give me a little scratch if you are nearby!


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