Reality Photo: Seven Days of Consecutive Sunsets. Good, Boring or Fabulous?

In the spirit of Reality TV, I thought I would show you seven consecutive sunsets and share the actual views we see every night.

Disclaimer:   Any ‘drama’ is real and not choreographed. Names and locations have not been changed to protect anyone.  <wink>

If you only ever see the sunset photos posted on blogs and Facebook, you are bound to believe that every evening on a boat we live aboards are privy to heartstoppingly beautiful sunsets. And somehow you, the reader, might believe you are missing these nightly masterpieces.

Well, honestly, we do have the privilege of seeing stunning sets nearly every night and we remain grateful for the opportunity. So grateful that we wanted to share them with you.

I think the variety of these sunsets is especially beautiful when you realize that in these seven photographs, Let It Be was anchored in only three places.

Without further ado, Reality LIB presents, “Seven Consecutive Days of Sunsets.”

Sunset 1

Sunset “one”

If not for the deep sapphire water, I think this could be a desert somewhere instead of Ashton, Union Island.

Sunset 2

Sunset “two”

Same anchor spot but the very next night and a completely different “painting.”

Sunset 3

Sunset “three”

You guessed it, we have not moved our anchor and here is a third and unique sunset.

Sunset 4

Sunset “four”

A bird’s eye view from Mustique. We had drinks and an appetizer at Firefly as we watched God paint this sunset.

Sunset 5

Sunset “five”

Our second night in Mustique. The clouds look like smoke accumulated from a smoke stack…

Sunset 6

Sunset “six”

Our third and final night in Mustique the silhouette of this sailboat was beautiful. I really wish I knew who owns this boat because I would love to send him this picture.

Sunset 7

Sunset “seven”

Safely moored in St. Lucia after a very pretty 70 nautical mile sail with a little help from our friends, volvo one and volvo two, when the wind died.

This was the last sunset before LIB was hauled out in Rodney Bay to have the bottom repainted. Fingers crossed that we will re-splash this Thursday.

One last gratuitous sunset photo featuring our sweet dog, Captain.

Sunset 8

Sunset “eight”

Captain is in a kennel this week because we were unable to find a rental place that would allow pets. We are really sad to have her in a kennel and can’t wait to “free” her on Thursday!!!

Do you have a favorite sunset from this blog post? I would love to know which one calls to you or speaks to you most.  Or does your mood affect which one you like best so your favorite changes?   Please leave your answers in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Reality Photo: Seven Days of Consecutive Sunsets. Good, Boring or Fabulous?

  1. We have never met but I have been reading your blog and forwarding them to my wife since you left Fajardo. We are friends with Greg and Lisa Smith. We have been sailing since we were married 35 years ago and now are nearing retirement and plan to shove off for a couple years in our Catalina 42 in 3 short years. You are helping my wife get over some of her fear. The wonder of sailing and the ocean is more sunsets look like this than don’t, no matter where you are on the earth. I like them all. Fair winds and following seas Let it Be. Ric & Sue Shultz, Portsmouth, NH

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Ric and Hi Sue.
      Thank you so much for reading the blog. I am glad Sue is enjoying it and gaining confidence from it. If she looks back on our blog, she will see that I only started sailing in 2012. I am very inexperienced with sailing so Sue is in way better shape on that front than I was.
      If I can answer any questions for Sue, I would be happy to message with her.
      Best of luck with your 3 year plan… have to admit, we moved our departure date forward a bit ~ like a year, because we got pretty excited and things fell into place.
      Thanks again for reading and commenting,
      Mary Grace


  2. My favorite is the one with your adorable dog. I’m a sucker for cute dogs and cats 🙂

    This is a really creative idea for a blog post! I’ve added you to the list of blogs on our site and started following you on Bloglovin’ Looking forward to finding our more about your adventures, and, of course, more pretty sunsets.


    1. Thank you so much, Ellen. I am flattered! You are not alone – every post with my dog in it hits the “top charts.”
      Also, I’m worried about Nancy D! I hope she isn’t hurt. 🙂 LOVE your ABC stories.


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