Best Week Ever On LIB? Probably.

For the first time since we moved on board in September, we had our whole family aboard LIB! We had such a great time just hanging out and being together that it was really hard to see the kids leave again.

We are truly fortunate that all of us get along so well and enjoy being together. We spent the week in Antigua and managed to hit a few places Frank and I had not visited.

Kiteboaring (surprise) was a major component of the trip, though the wind did not cooperate all that much. We did manage to have two really great kiting days and one other that was fair.


Hunter and Clayton kiting near Bird Island

Bird Island was our anchorage of choice for kiting. It is well protected by reefs, but the little islands between us and the wind are so low that they don’t interfere with the wind.


Synchronized jumping? Needs some work.


Here’s what the bottom of Hunter’s board looks like….


Clayton hadn’t kited in over two years, but it came back very quickly!


Hunter found enough wind to pull a few tricks.

Captain made sure she got plenty of attention from the kids and managed to find spots close enough for plenty of pets and scratches.


Helping Clayton with his reading.


Holding Hunter down in case it was wavy while sailing.


Walking Captain was a good excuse to stroll the beaches.

Our time was spent walking beaches, paddle boarding, reading and just generally relaxing.


Clayton at the helm and Hunter, reading or working?

There is a general attitude in our family that we don’t really like our pictures taken, so I had to sneak photos when I could. I am certain I will catch some grief for these, but, oh well.

I think all of us truly relished our week together and recognize that with the kids working and us on a boat, it is pretty challenging to have all of us together. It is really difficult for me to let go of my sons, but I am thankful that they are healthy, independent, motivated and responsible.

Thank goodness modern communication allows me to remain in touch. Not sure I could be gallivanting on a boat if I couldn’t stay in contact with my kids.


7 thoughts on “Best Week Ever On LIB? Probably.

      1. I’m from the west coast of Canada, and while the water may be colder, there is no shortage of hidden coves and wild islands


      2. That sounds so beautiful! I would really like to explore “your” part of the world, but we have a bit to see over on the east side for a bit. Do you have a new blog with pics of those hidden coves?


      3. Well, I don’t have many pictures of BC yet on my blog (I only just started this) but I will be sure to add stories about my local explorations this summer in addition to all the foreign stuff.

        I’m really new here, and honestly I’m not sure how to navigate around but in case you can’t get to my blog via this thread of comments, here is a link:

        Thanks, enjoy 🙂


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