Hot Days, Good Friends And A Flotilla!

Recently we had the BEST day hanging out with s/v Moondance. First off, Amelia is back on board Ticket to Ride, so the joy level is automatically elevated with her sparkly self involved.

PLUS, we were able to reunite with Shellie and Randy of s/v Moondance. We first met s/v Moondance on the 2019 Baja HaHa and we flew to Mexico City in 2020 with them to secure our original long stay visas for French Polynesia.

Moondance and TTR were anchored together in Moorea and since one day was exceedingly warm, we gathered for some silly float time under the hulls of Ticket to Ride after we had all accomplished some boat tasks.

Shellie, Ron, Amelia and Frank on floats under TTR.

Shellie, Randy, and their friend, Ron, brought two watermelons and a pineapple float over to TTR. Frank, Amelia and I had two lounge chair floats and an inflatable unicorn I had bought in Mexico. We climbed aboard our respective floats, then sipped drinks and swapped stories in the shade of the hulls until the hottest part of the day had subsided.

I’m not sure who had the idea that we needed to let go of the lines and float down the channel for a while, but soon that became a group desire. However, a strong current that eventually led to the pass was a grave deterrent to free floating.

UNTIL, sweet Amelia said she would act as our personal “Baywatch” rescue maven. So the five of us grabbed hold of each others floats and dropped the lines securing us to Ticket to Ride.

Randy named out little flotilla the “fruit salad.

The five of us drifted along at the whim of the current, chatting and laughing as the sun slowly drooped toward the horizon.

Amelia leaving TTR to deliver drink refills and snacks!

Being the most perfect support system ever, Amelia came out to check on us and brought supplies of drink refills and snacks to stave off thirst and hunger. She also gave us a handheld VHF so we could radio her when we were ready for pick up. (Have I told you how amazing Amelia is????)

By the time we hailed Amelia on the VHF, we had floated over a mile away.

About two hours and over a mile of floating, the sun was setting and our fingers were shriveled to the point of prunes, so we hailed Amelia. We loaded up into the dinghy and were transported back to TTR as the sun was disappearing below the horizon.

The soft shades of sunset illuminated the Fruit Salad, as Amelia picked us up in the channel.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amelia for being you! And thank you Shellie, Randy and Ron for spending a laugh filled afternoon with us!

It was a relaxed and motley crew that Amelia squired back to TTR.

Thanks for stopping by to read this quick account of a recent day aboard TTR. We hope your days include some super chill, fruit salad kind of fun now and then! Wishing you good health and fun adventures.

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