Luxury or Lunacy? Or Good, Clean Fun?

Ticket to Ride is a truly comfortable sailboat, so it sort of sounds ridiculous to even mention something I miss from land life. But here is the truth…… sometimes I really miss having a bathtub.

On land I had a delightful jacuzzi tub and some days I really enjoyed drawing a bath and soaking away aches, both physical and mental.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we were anchored in an atoll with only one other boat. The evening had brought a bunch of rain and the dinghy was gathering plenty of water as it sat up on the davits. Just as Frank was about to pull the plug to drain the dinghy, I joked that I wanted to use it as a bath tub.

Frank looked at me and asked if I was serious and when I said it would be kind of fun and really nice, he left the plug in place.

My first bath in a very long time!

I was preparing to climb into my rainwater bath but Frank decided a proper bath required warm water. I didn’t want to “waste” water, but he insisted and proceeded to add hot water to the dinghy to make my bath a nice comfy temperature.

I climbed up into the dinghy and proceeded to enjoy a bath suspended above the ocean in our dinghy!

This impromptu decision and the addition of hot water made for a delightful soak!

However, there is room for improvement and the next time I have a dinghy bath, I will make sure we have complete privacy so I can:

  • Remove the SUPs to allow more headroom
  • Remove the seat in the dinghy so I can stretch out completely
  • Bring a towel to cushion the edge of the storage seat where I can rest my head
  • Turn on the underwater lights so I can look over the dinghy and see the fish below me
Shaving in a tub is so much easier than in a shower.

This is the rainy season in French Polynesia so I bet we will manage to find good bathtub conditions sometime in the near future!

Please Note: Most davits are not built to carry loads this heavy and a dinghy bath suspended above the ocean would not be possible. I owe a special thank you to Frank for insisting we have davits strong enough to hold a dinghy filled with water, to Morrelli and Melvin for designing these davits and to HH Catamarans for fabricating them!

Thanks for stopping by to read our blog. I hope this made you smile. We wish you good health and fun adventures!

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